Any business start up can be a bit of a nightmare, and the Mobile Sharpening business is no exception.

My Mobile Sharpening Guy is a drastically different business to your typical Mobile Sharpening service, but it came from the exact same place.

If you've done any research you may recognize the name Knifeman Direct, which is a mobile sharpening service operating across the South East of England that we own.

Having started one of these businesses we understand the pressing issues that can cripple them like a lack of understanding of how to market, lack of quality training, purchases of expensive machines that are not fit for purpose, this list goes on and on and can cost you a fortune, worse yet force you out of business all together.

My Mobile Sharpening Guy is very keyed into the marketing and systematization of this industry in order to provide customers to quality Sharpening Technicians.

When it comes to the practical side of the Industry we are very lucky in the U.K. to have an established training School that supplies quality equipment sales, courses and after support Sharpening Technicians.

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